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English Cream Golden Retrieves are such happy creatures. They love the great outdoors, they love people, they love life! Sometimes however, this exuberant passion coupled with an inherent hunting instinct may call them to strange and unfamiliar territory before they realize it. Our dogs are valuable members of our family and we feel the need to protect them from those moments since we live in a rural area in Pennsylvania and it can be quite amazing what they bring home at times! We have tried a variety of training collars and they are very successful if you are present to witness the "call of the wild" moment. Unfortunately, we've missed quite a few of them, so we have invested in a cutting edge G.P.S. system available from Invisible Fence Brand of Pittsburgh. This system is designed

to monitor your canine friend's activity 24/7 and the results are astounding. There are no wires involved - just a receiver collar in communication with multiple satellites which monitor pre-determined coordinates of the area chosen for our "family members" to be safe. For us, this area encompasses 10 acres for them to explore, fulfilling their natural tendencies, while affording us a sense of peace and assurance of their well-being. We have placed precious English Golden Retriever puppies in their forever homes in rural areas in various states including Washington, Idaho, California, Kansas, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Connecticut and New Hampshire. This system is available nationwide.

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