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Holiday joy with English Cream Golden Retrievers

Every breed of dogs has its own attributes and traits. What has captivated our hearts for the English Cream Golden Retriever is their versatility in a wide range of interests and abilities. From the beginning, each pup expresses clues which may give insight into their character that is emerging and developing. There are those that desire nothing more than to fall asleep in your arms, content to be close, a constant friend and companion. On the other hand, some prefer adventure, have a need to explore every nook and cranny and anything that moves - a possible hunter in the making. Yet others have an uncanny ability to study your face with such compassionate eyes as if to search your soul, to find a need and fill it - a potential service or therapy dog. Each ball of fluff, like a Christmas gift waiting to be unwrapped, is full of potential and possibilities, needing only a guiding hand to lovingly direct and educate him or her to discover their purpose in this world. Most of all though, they are born to love you from the start.

With the holidays approaching, we are enjoying our lovely English Golden Retriever babies here near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The sights and sounds of Christmas all around with our creamy dogs nearby make a cozy atmosphere even better.

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