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Golden Puppy Shopping List

Food Bowls

High Quality Puppy Food

Toys & Chew Toys

Blanket or Bed

Baby Gates, Crate or Kennel

Grooming Tools

Health Supplies & Supplements- See our Life's Abundance page for wonderful options.

Training Tools (Leash & Collar)

Name Tag 

Tools for the Road - Seatbelt and Car Seat Cover

Doggy Approved Cleaning Supplies

Time & Love

Protect Your New Puppy

* Please don't take your Golden Puppy anywhere public and limit visits from dog owner friends until their 3rd set of vaccines to avoid Parvo.

DO play with your puppy, but give it lots of rest. 15 minutes of play to 45 minutes of rest 

DO keep your new puppy in a small enclosed area with enough room for bed and easy access to food and fresh water 

DO pay attention to what your puppy eats. NO table scraps and know what foods & houseplants are poisonous 

DO read the contract and mark your spay/neuter date deadline on your calendar.

DO keep an eye on their stool. If it becomes wattery or bloody, syringe pedialyte or gatorade into their cheek and see a vet that day.

DO learn the "puppy shuffle"...keep feet on the floor with a little puppy. 


DON'T take your new puppy to the store, to the neighbors, to the pet store, groomers or walks where other dogs frequently are.

DON'T have all of your friends over right away to see your puppy. This is a new baby and just like human babies they need rest, with no interruptions. Your new puppy should be confined/protected and kept as stressfree as possible! Moving away from its siblings into a new unfamiliar surrounding is stressful on them and the stress can ignite hypoglycemia and allow opportunistic, otherwise dormant parasites to release into their gut and could have very serious consequences! 

DON'T leave your new puppy unattended in the yard 

DON'T change the puppies food immediately...this must be done GRADUALLY over a course of several days 

DON'T allow your child to handle a puppy unsupervised. 

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