The Ladies



AKC English Cream Golden Retriever

Located in Pennsylvania

Keeper is 100% AKC English Cream Golden Retriever.   She was born at our farm in Pennsylvania. Her father, Plumcreek's Ballistic Bullet, is living up to his family tree of multiple International champions.  Keeper is a fun loving dog, full of life and a zest for adventure.  She is always looking for someone to play with and loves the outdoors, especially frolicking in the coldest of winter snows. She exhibits the classic Golden Retriever qualities with excellent conformation. 

Adult weight:  80  lbs.       PRA-PRCD/ICT/DM clear


AKC English Cream Golden Retriever

Located in Pennsylvania

Kinley, a half-sister to Keeper, is 100% English Cream Golden Retriever. She also was born at our farm in Pennsylvania.  Kinley is a very loyal, eager to please, companion. She is athletic, curious and loves adventure. She enjoys participating in every family activity from barn chores to sleeping on the living room recliner. 

Adult weight: 75 lbs.              PRA-PRACD/ICT/DM clear

Abby sit 2_edited_edited.jpg

Our Gentlemen


Navilis Unbelievably
         aka Major

Major is a big boy with a dense coat

and sweet personality. He has an

impressive background of champions

in his Ukranian bloodlines.

Adult  Weight:  95 lbs.

Major 3.jpg
Major 4.jpg

PGF Stoic the Vast

Stoic resides at Purple Gate Farm in Hillsboro, North Carolina. His excellent conformation and testing is very impressive. Stoik has matured into an attentive and brave boy. He is able to transition between being a farm dog, flock protector, hiking companion,

and a child's emotional support animal without the slightest hesitation.  He's very confident and aware when out, observant and obedient. He has a huge retrieving instinct and playing fetch with him is so much fun. His love of water rivals his love of the ball.  He is also invaluable to his boy owner who is autistic. To him,  Stoik carries the weight of the world. His puppies are big, blocky and total love bugs. His testing is thorough and complete, results can be found here.