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About Us

Welcome to our farm! We have always enjoyed a farm lifestyle which naturally revolved around a variety of animals, so on a vacant piece of beautiful farmland we began to build a home and farm for our animals and family beginning when our children were young. Through the years we were occupied with the responsibilities of our careers, but our joy came from creating our hobby farm on the side. After we retired, we added another aspect to our farm life and started breeding dogs in partnership with our children. Our son's family handles the advertising for us. Our Golden Retrievers have the best lifestyles with acres to run, play and explore, and enjoy our love every day. We are small, dedicated breeders, but large enough to know the “ins-and-outs” of proper care, health testing and breeding ethics. We so enjoy each of our dogs and puppies and look forward to talking with you about them soon. -Bill and Rita Power

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania English Cream Golden Retriever
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